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The Best Used 7 Passenger SUV For You

Purchasing a used 7 passenger SUV involves a lot of deliberation of the part of the consumer. 7 passenger SUV reviews are excellent source of reliable and objective information regarding comparable vehicles. When considering a used SUV, it is important to weigh the various factors that will affect drivability and economy. There are several major areas of comparison that reviewers use to distinguish between the various models such as fuel consumption, cargo space, interior, price, technical details, and security features. While all makes and models have their own specific areas of expertise and priorities, it is possible to do a reasonable comparison using the factors and features that the models share.

Used 7 Passenger SUV Mileage Comparisons

Used 7 Passenger SUV - Ford Freestyle

In a time when fuel prices are constantly on the rise, fuel consumption is a heavy determining factor for a 7 passenger SUV. The very nature of a 7 passenger vehicle requires that they be larger than the average sedan, consequently they will use more gas to operate the larger engines. Based on fuel consumption alone, the best 7 passenger SUV is the Ford Freestyle clocking in at an impressive 19/city and 27/hwy miles per gallon. The worst performing vehicle in this category is the Dodge Durango with 14/21 miles per gallon. There are many excellent choices in the range between these extremes, each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Used 7 Passenger SUV With The Most Cargo Space

Used 7 Passenger SUV - Mazda CX-9

Cargo space on a used 7 passenger SUV is a large determining factor for many consumers. The biggest advantage of owning a 7 passenger SUV is the ability to haul cargo, supplies, a large family, and groceries with ease. The best used 7 passenger crossover in the cargo space category is the Mazda CX-9. With available 50/50-split third row seats, the CX-9 has the potential to provide owners with almost 50 cubic feet of space. Even the second row has the option to be laid flat at a 60/40 split, creating a combined open cargo area of over 100 cubic feet. An excellent second choice would be the Chevy Traverse. With all rows of seating in use, there is still sufficient space in the rear for cargo, groceries, or equipment.

Used 7 Passenger SUV - Chevy Equinox

The interior design is something that is either very important, or relatively immaterial, depending on the amount of time a buyer will spend behind the wheel. A used 7 passenger SUV that offers excellent styling typically cuts corners in other areas of production excellence. The Chevy Equinox offers the most interior space among others in the category of 7 passenger SUV. The front seating arrangement offers a roomy 40.9 inches of head room and 41.2 inches of leg room, while the rear seating rows offer 40.1 inches of head room and 40.2 inches of leg room. This advantage is great for consumers that spend a lot of time in their used 7 passenger SUV for work or long road trips.

Used 7 Passenger SUV - Volvo XC90

Technical and security related features are among the most popular options being included in the latest wave of 7 passenger SUV’s. Vehicles are becoming mobile work stations as more Americans take their businesses on the road, features such as hand-free calling, roadside assistance, GPS capabilities, and Bluetooth availability allow for seamless operation almost anywhere one finds oneself. As the time in the vehicle increases so does the need for safety features such as airbags and impact crumple zones. The 7 passenger SUV with the best safety rating is the Volvo XC90. With an advanced anti-skid technology, integrated child booster cushions, and side impact protection systems, this model is proven to protect the precious cargo inside.

Among the used 7 passenger SUV category, there are many significant differences between the available models. Because of these differences, it is almost impossible to provide an exact comparison. Comparing similar features and options will allow the consumer to pick the best rated vehicle that fits the demand requirements they have. When considering which vehicle is the overall best buy individuals must factor in the ratings for fuel economy, cargo space, interior dimensions, technical features, and safety ratings. There are many used 7 passenger SUVs for sale online and at local dealerships, the best method for comparing the models is to personally test drive and inspect them, reducing the possibility of experiencing buyer’s remorse.

Used 7 Passenger SUV – Mazda CX-9 Review Video

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